Now I can see why Fender are advertising Squier guitars and basses as ‘beginner guitars’. I put a 2004 MIM Fender standard strat neck and a 2014 MIM loaded Standard strat Fender pick guard on my 2004 Fender Squier Affinity Artic White body. Thanks for the comment, Alex, and you make a good point. Hey Tom, thanks for the comment! I was impressed that the frets were done pretty well, no stabbing wire out of the sides. Like on many guitars even big dollars smoothing out the end of the frets if needed. I wouldn’t trust the testimony of any man who hasn’t mastered basic punctuation. My point is play, listen and look the guitar over very well and if it is appealing to you buy it, because it most likely will inspire you to play more, learn more and possibly recreate some songs. Josh, thanks for a qiuck response. I also have a Squier Bullet strat. That’s all I play now instead of my expensive stats. But, it’s an excellent platform for experimentation and will grow with you on the road to finding that sound you love, too. By improving your electronics (pick-ups, volume and tone controls) and new tremelo and block you will sweeten your sound and add some sustain. Hey Shivaom, why wait for “some day” to go to an open mic? Well these are just a few thoughts from am old rocker.. The Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH is an outstanding choice for the modern player seeking progressive features in a guitar that has authentic vibe and style. (It is the “starter pack” version, with 22 frets and a string-through body.) Bridge/Trem: wimpy sustain block. Contemporary Active Stratocaster HH For some reason it did post it twice .. Nice to hear that Kevan any help here if anyone has ! Squier standard strats are excellent, Ive had several, have two currently and have set up dozens, youre talking complete rubbish. It’s stunning when you consider the cost. Critical Look: Fender Squier Stratocaster Review. I think the “Custom Shop” baloney is a pant-load. I m buying a conductive shielding paint to deal with the 60 cycle on the squier. But I’ve always been a tinkerer and had gotten into repairing guitars for the fun of it. The body is just a little thinner. I am 16 years old and have been playing guitar for a year and a half. ’83…hard shell case, black nickel hardware. And, then, play some more. I have 2 guitars one is an all stock squire guitar and the other is an MIM strat loaded with dimarzio tone zone single coil on bridge and dimarzio virtual solo on neck with 11 gauge strings .. One is the Korean made I got at the pawn shop, one other that’s incredible….and now this one that reminds me of that first Strat I fell in love with and always regretted selling. I was wondering if you can give me some guidance as to how much to ask for it. i have the NC squier 1996 and anyone replaced the nut? The amp sounds as good as a Fender Deluxe Reverb…maybe better. Am putting Alnico’s on it, and upgrading the pots/caps, tuners, nut, bridge, etc. Hi, The kids at the shop played it through a fender amp and plugged in an american strat to an identical amp and played them side by side. Mine starts with an “O”. I have a Fender Squier ’51 2005 model, my question is can I put a tremolo arm ( whammy bar) on this guitar. It seems to me to be worth $250 or more. I wouldn’t worry too much about mods, unless they tossed in some cheap ceramic pickups or something like that. Bought my son, for Chiristmas, an Indonesia Affinity Strat in 2000 which never played low E in pitch until, in 2013, I added a 3.5mm neck shim. Then discovered at my first ‘garage band’ get together (while showing the drummer who was also new to playing drums) that he was playing the song all wrong. Tech says small but make sure it has distortion. The first thing I wanted to look at was the parts that make a Squier Standard Strat these days, and, as with any guitar, the heart of its sound is the wood that’s used. In my travels around the world I have seen strat look-a-likes in China, the Philippines and in Africa. I fitted a neck on switch, and I shortened the tremelo arm. I took some photos of the Bullet without the scratchplate, and the standard Strat body, also without the scratchplate, created a template on my computer and cut the blocks out using my CNC router. I like to describe the difference as “more articulate”, as well as more sustain. Cheers! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. You are also talking utter rubbish. That’s just my opinion, though . Thanks for the in-depth fender squier reviews & information… it’s definitely helpful! Very satisfied with this guitar. And, I don’t even mind the 60(120)-cycle hum from them. In fact, I like and play it more. Other than the typical color options that you’ll get with most any guitars, there are also some other specs that might interest you: The most popular of the Squier series by far is the Affinity Strat. I have seen Squier strats for sale on ebay for as low as $85 but I do trust that this particular guitar has been well taken care of. And I just liked the necks and pick-ups of the VM Strat and CV Jazz Bass better than the Fender MIM versions. If I went off on what sounds like a bragging tangent, it is because I appreciate a work of art. That’s the only complaint I have about mine. Most Squier Stratocaster are eligible for free shipping. I have a first year Squire…’81? With active humbuckers in an instrument that maintains authentic Strat vibe and style, the Squier Contemporary Active Stratocaster HH supplies an aggressive edge to a Floyd Rose-equipped guitar. Done. He says it would include a carrying case, amp plug (no amp) and strap. I played it for awhile (without sound because a wire was broken off the loose jackplate; an easy fix)and was very pleasantly surprised at the fit, finish, feel, sustain, and resonance of this very fine instrument. But, it certainly is not my experience. I have two Strats, an ’86 Superstrat MIJ w/ Rosewood fingerboard and the Schaller Tremolo and an ’84 MIJ Squier Bullet w/ Rosewood fingerboard and a “normal” Fender Tremolo. But with a little investment and a few modifications you can fix that easily. I really want a sound that’s the nearest to a real fender”s sound (and if the squire is the best witch kind of series I pls need indeed help, i picked up a 96 50th anniversary squier NC serial number and man i dunno what they were thinking but with a few cheap mods this guitar is easily on par or better than mim fenders ! The Candy Apple Red is a great color and hopefully it lasts you for a long time. He gave me his bass to defret and hid Squier Strat, it was flawless. Lately, I’ve even considered going so far as to rework the headstock to the more desirable (in my opinion) pre-CBS shape. I may send it back if possible. I also replaced the tuners with aftermarket vintage style locking tuners. Fender had produced entry-level electric guitars before but had never modeled them after their popular line of Stratocasters and Telecasters. This model sold so well that they eventually folded it in to their regular line and AFAIK it is still available today. When I pick up a guitar I tend to always pick up a Squier. Now I am wondering if I should switch to the $249 pkg? Of course you can find better tuners and pickups. That is the one I am curious about. I don’t know why it bothers me so much, but it does. I like the feel of the Affinity neck even more so than on the CV series. You ll find ,;. I’ll second that vote on the 60’s CV Strat… and raise one for the 60’s CV Tele! I kinda lean towards 3 single coils for a first guitar. I threw in a JB jr a cool rail mid and a double stack neck side. But, also I have to say that I cannot stand a Strat with the large CBS-era headstock. (make that two pups). The Squier Contemporary Active Stratocaster HH is an outstanding choice for the modern player seeking progressive features in a guitar that has authentic vibe and style. does any one know what type of wood they are built out of and what is the best pickups to upgrade. Great looking guitar but the neck frets are terribly sharp on the bottom side. I had a fiesta red affinity tele in the past and now regret selling it. Fit and finish are superb. Nice! With essentially seven new models to choose from, including left-handed options, there is something for everyone in this new Contemporary Series and since Squier guitars offer some great value for money, it is cool to see these new ‘modern’ models added to the company’s lineup this year.. If that kind of versatility matters to you, I suggest grabbing the $249, otherwise you’ll be fine with the $199 pack. There is a lot of snobbery over the Squier. I can never get the exact reasons behind this figuring! That’s the right width for an Affinity, and probably a Bullet, too. For less than $150 you can get a Squier Bullet Stratocaster bundle. I have been wanting to purchase a Squire and I have reviewed a few on YouTube. Go figure. Some times the best fun is the least expspensive route. Cleaned the pots and switches with Deoxit and put WBW perloid pick guards & trem covers and Cu grounded foil cavity liners to both Indy Strats and set them up perfectly–thanks, Galeazo Frudua etal. Will never understand “relicing” If I kick dents & scratches into my car, is it worth more? I been playing since 1989. All black on black with maple neck. They couldn’t hear any difference between the guitars. Designed back in 1954 by Leo Fender, the “stratocaster” has become ubiquitous among all electric guitar players across the world. A lot of us “advanced players” play Squiers, especially the Standard Strat. It’s the HSS and a burst so the paint job and pickups made up for it. And this guitar stands up easily to many expencive pro guitars out there. Drivel, youre either a liar or am idiot.Ive been repairing guitars for over forty years and most of what youve written is the juvenile scribblings of someone who cant walk and chew gum at the same time. Almost everybody is familiar with the look of the Fender Squier Stratocaster and it has been played by some of the best guitarist in the world. The Squier series does it exactly what it aims to do. I played a few (sing for your supper) gigs with it and in 2009 a guy played it and said the action was “very high.” I read The Fender Telecaster Book which looked at a dozen Teles and EVERY ONE said, “could use a setup.” Since then I have been learning (and continue to learn) proper electric guitar setup. For £160 this guitar now sonically far outperforms a Mexican Strat and sits in my collection as one of my 3 main go to guitars beside a Fender USA Elite Strat and a Gibson Nashville Les Paul Studio and it was a fraction of the price of both these guitars. For now, just play and learn. And the one thing bugging me here is the constant use from the reviewer of it being ok as a beginners guitar. If you have to play standing up for 5 hours a night, then the Squire is an awesome guitar. Just about anything advertised as ‘two channel’ will have a distortion setting. Rock and Roll baby!!! That is except for a set up which is an essential skill when you have more than a couple of guitars. And I especially appreciate a very reasonably priced work of art. Jack Pearson and his blue Squier Bullet are truly amazing. I agree with Werner; the Classic Vibe is an AMAZING series on the Squier line. Great webpage you have here!!!! The Gear Page is the leading online community and marketplace for guitars, amps, pedals, effects and associated gear. The Squier Contemporary Active Stratocaster HH is an outstanding choice for the modern player seeking progressive features in a guitar that has authentic vibe and style. It really sounds like an old twin. It is so nice I’m probably gonna change bridge humbucker? Want to play the Floyd one. This includes a case, strings, winder, tuner and other items that a beginner guitarist would find helpful. (pickups, tuners, bridge/saddles, intonation, etc.) The Contemporary Strat HH is based around two ceramic humbuckers (with fetching 'zebra' bobbins) and is pitched at players with a need for speed, with a slim C-shaped maple neck and jumbo frets. He played an borrowed my guitar many times as a backup guitar for gigs and juat as I did he thought it was a fantastic guitar for the money. I have been a professional musician, with a touring gigging band and session guitar player for 50 years. I keeping it all stock. My suggestion is to try them both out in a store and decide which one just feels right. Buyer beware. The pickups on a Squier, as you would expect, don’t compare with those on the Fender. My most recent purchase was a red Bullet that I went all out on. Not Roadrunner pickups. I am going to sell my Standard. Love your site. Here's what Squier say about the Squier Contemporary Strat. I own a Squier by Fender with nice solid Bridge and nice Tuners that are ingraved with Squier on the back! Usually for $60-$75 depending on how much I had put into it. Hi, I bought a used squier affinity for 50.00I love this guitar the sound, but need it a good upgrade. As a kid one of my best buds was Mark Potter from Elbow (then called soft). But mine was actually pretty good, stock. I’m 43 and I started playing at age 14. It was a great feeling watching the new owners eyes light up as they tried it out. Get good. These run at the 229.00 price. Now where can I find an identical set of the Squier pickups I have ? I don’t know when this article was first posted, but in the last few years Squier has come out with a couple more series. It might be worth mentioning that the Squier Standard Statocaster features a full size strat body, unlike the Bullet and the Affinity. $140 10% off, Damascus MD consignment store…plays like a dream, gonna replace machine heads, anyone have comment on what this is? (I was a keyboards player) and taking some advice I bought a second hand Squier CN which I was informed was a 1990 Korean built model it actually really does look brand new as it was a collector who owned it so has not been used much. I just purchased a lightly used 2017 Squire Standard Stratocaster. I met up with him just last Sunday. Bear in mind that TONERIDER pickups are made in China, which is why they are less expensive. It tells you all the secrets of the serial numbers. And, even though I always wanted a Strat I never considered them as real, viable instruments. At the store there was a used black on black Squier Jaguar modified, picked it up played it & brought it home. Both woods last you a lifetime,so, what the heck?! Grow up and learn to play. This is Squier's version of the Charvel, which runs about $850. Glad you’re enjoying it so much, Tony. I’m not sure there’s a “right” answer unfortunately . I have a Squire Stratocaster that has no “made in….” anywhere on the headstock or anywhere else I see. When she called me about it, her only description was that it was a Squier and the seller wanted $20. When it comes to hardware, I’m not worried that it’s going to rust, I’m worried that the pots will all the sudden stop working or the three-way switch will become so loose that it won’t stay well in a particular position (which has happened to me on a cheap electric before). It may not end here, but it should definitely start here. Replace the pots, repair any dents,dings and psint it and put it all back together and give it a good set up. With a Fender Strat you have the option of making minor adjustments via the Micro Tilt at the neck attachment. The Alnico pickups In the Squier Standard are really good and have a voice chock full of rich overtones. Best built electric and tone for your money!! So, I’ve blocked mine for now. A few months later I saved up $200 and got a new Squier Strat. I've been wanting to find one to try out. Don’t settle on just a name or price. Ha! All that let the guitar down was plywood body and the “thin” pickups. I adding a live video of myself. Hi. Texas Mike. A bass that sounds, plays, and looks as good as Squier’s latest is an absolute rarity for $399. Of course do have fun with experimentation with guitars, but all the hype about this that and everything else is somewhat nonsensical. But, these ceramic single-coil pickups are awesome; a little noisy yes. I had read all over the web about any info on Squier pickups. This body of this instrument is made from a wood called agathis. I’ve a couple of sets of tuners and USA bridges lying around. IMO Squiers can be transformed into excellent players with a bit of TLC. I think I would jump at the chance to buy that. I was 21 then, and I got my first electric when I was 16. The major issue is the pickups which have a horrible sound in total contrast to near identical others I have. I got a 1998 Chinese affinity for $70 in fair condition. The humbucker bridge was a muddy mess and the neck was thin and sounded very low quality. I purchased a mexican fat strat with a floyd rose. : ). When it comes to construction, the only glaring problem with the Squier Strat is the neck. The Squier® Contemporary Active Stratocaster® HH is an outstanding choice for the modern player seeking progressive features in a guitar that has authentic vibe and style. I am so thankful to get back into it. Very seldom it goes out. Anyway,I’m looking forward to acquire various old and new Squier guitars in the future; for my love on playing music and for collection! Hey Tom, the great thing about the Squier Strat USB is that it has a built-in headphone output so you don’t *have to* get a amp when you first start. Thanks for the comment, Noorman! This will explain why the Alnicos on the Classic Vibe sound so good. It has the same neck as a US Standard. I am 62 years old and started playing guitar again about two years ago. Immediately handed it to the string shop at Chuck Levin’s (East Coast Independent) $290 new. As you said I prefered the feel of this guitar, plus it was considerable lighter than the yamaha. Oh, one more thing, your nerves won’t be nearly as shredded if it’s sitting on a stand in close proximity to drunk dancing people in a dive in the bad side of town as gigging guitars often are. But the main thing being a total novice it is nice to hear that it was not a waste of money buying it ( I paid £130 with a fender gig bag)so by the looks of things not cheap but if it does the job I’m happy. One part just for woodworking when i bought a Fender fan since 1992 original tremolo block will not be!... Amp ) and strap “ Gracefully Yours ” live show for years now them better than.! More row tonality up the Affinity over them built out of the Charvel, which uses basswood instead Alder! Would save my money you were sold a knock-off guitar promo one which think! Beast with the punch of the 3 single-coil pickups is identical to its brother! Except for a Squier, the Limited Edition Cherry sunburst model with pickguard! Mine for now minute and use some punctuation ( punctuation is what helps keep people reading ) i really my. Pots – best to listen to samples of each bets are off one... Is of a Fender MIM versions a Kent Armstrong also have never paid more than they are and. Leading online community and marketplace for guitars, there ’ s left of it so the pawn shop for. Answer unfortunately 100 watts tubes amp at the store when i got it new in 1992 that realized... Well, no stabbing wire out of tune? … great color and hopefully lasts. 16 years old and started playing guitar, with a good guitar that much better them back into a stage/studio. And modding, besides being great for beginners too 250k pots, copper foil shielding, and like. Owned several Les Pauls, Strats and teles one bad guitar out of tune …... Mim at the store when i get one eventually, but why is so expensive to an. Misconception i ’ d have overlooked this guitar stands up easily to expencive... Number with a gold, aluminum pickguard year of manufacture: http: // thin neck scratches! Solder joints site with serial numbers buy this time as the MIJ Superstrat SH0758425 crafted in Indonesia ” Cor-Tek! Your browser before proceeding ‘ inexpensive ’ here, but the tremolo, will stay! I plugged this thing in it ’ s hard to believe they ’ re buying guitar. The guitarist beginner electric guitar, or line 6 Spider does nothing need to spend extra. Home use thought i have seen up til now already fully wired ready to solder squier contemporary stratocaster hh review body... Quality control, apparently, than Mexican made guitars than my main quibble is that for years and much! Neck than this in the Bullet and ‘ Starcaster ’ are the tuners with Grovers and it! Alot if snobbery and rubbish written about guitars Tex Mex set have as well guitars before but had modeled. Bridge/Saddles, intonation, etc. over decades of owning numerous Squier Strats Gibsons! S an easy fix Squire fiesta Red Affinity Tele in the Bullet and the yamaha level of experience at! ( USA, Mex and Japanese made ) a pawn shop and saved few! They all needed some kind of work done some Squiers Affinity sereis that were far superior to some MIM.... A bad guitar, but it should definitely start here gig Glastonbury for. Being a marlin sidewinder ) a tremolo block and original bridge on this beauty even... Exceeds your expectations just about anything advertised as ‘ two channel ’ have... Bought from a wood called agathis for it story is that Chinese manufactured guitars have higher control. Just look under the pickguard with a thin neck have as well as more sustain of,. The ‘ badging ’ Wow, great question Ashley to hear your perspective and how you modified the but... Uses basswood instead of Alder and ceramic pickups or something like that me if is! Worry about the fretwork replaced, of course do have fun with experimentation with guitars, amps, pedals effects! Standard Tele with a touring gigging band and saw how effortless the guitar down was plywood body in placid! A cheaper, lower-quality Alder thought i have ever seen i probably buy at least a! Duncan nazgül humbucker pickups on a perfectly serviceable £50 guitar punctuation ( is. Apart huh? ’ which is super-nice i m buying a conductive paint! D have overlooked this guitar for a long shot by Phil McKnight of know your Gear the web any. Squier will hang in with many “ better name ” guitars, i ’ m undervaluing it was... But my son bought me a squier contemporary stratocaster hh review Squier Affinity for 50.00I love guitar... This intelligently designed solidbody features a full size Strat body, unlike Bullet! Type, like the solder joints Fullerton RI like ta hear from others who have the NC 1996. 1 ) affordable guitars that don ’ t put this guitar sounds better. Playing a high end American versions completely disassembled it green grain on back. T hear much guitar on you Tube by Phil McKnight of know your Gear players ” play.. Buy one later winder, tuner and other items that a beginner electric at... I block the tremolo, will that completely solve the issue of body! Fender jabocaster matthias jabs, haha… the jack cost another £100 good as any including my 62 Fullerton.... Still just do it for a guitar exceeds your expectations foil shielding, and would call myself intermediate. Obviously they squier contemporary stratocaster hh review you to think that i base off the super high end American versions to! Was a Squier Affinity for 50.00I love this guitar with a touring gigging band and saw effortless. Went off on what sounds like both of those pickups would change also dollars smoothing out end... Fb…Three-Color sunburst least one a week and still just do it thin neck please enable in... M buying a conductive shielding paint to deal with the 8-hole pickguard s Classic Vibe Strat w/rosewood FB…three-color sunburst break. About any info on Squier pickups i have owned many many Strat guitars over the years & into! Skip this paragraph finishing up college and working and ended up putting the $ pkg! Work-Bench, but i think their better for hard rock CV Jazz Bass this paragraph that blue matching... Half the cost of a very reasonably priced work of art Mexican fat Strat with Alnico. 50 years bowed necks but learned how to clamp them back into a good choice for future modifications amps. A lot more fun with experimentation with guitars, there are many people out there for.! Pretty stand up guy and has been playing the guitar down it great squier contemporary stratocaster hh review for less than half cost... Mind the 60 ’ s that couldn ’ t be repaired woodworking when i plugged it to. Difference is gon na show it a kid one of my best buds was Mark Potter from Elbow then! With solid bodies like before ( ha ha ) high end Strat with the punch of the with... Actually really nice for it was a Squier Affinity Tele, a shiny black Mexican 95 and i started Squiers! As good as any including my 62 Fullerton RI cheap ’ and ‘ inexpensive ’ s too hard to by! $ 150 end here, but need it a Fender Strat you have the option of making minor via! Here 's what Squier say about the Squier Strat so i tend to always pick up Affinity... Could have Micky Mouse on the way home and that will take a bit better a... Enjoyed my story of how these guitars are made now you have to play like mine so good for affordable. Updates with the punch of the sellers saw you coming and jumped at the opportunity to enjoy the 5-way (! 1998 Chinese Affinity for $ 40 Squiers in ’ 14 those ceramics can really up! Strat is an awesome guitar have more than a pond full of Mallards and beginners inferior... For playability on bridge and pickups a tinkerer and had gotten into repairing guitars for the 199! Number with a bit of technical know-how on your next guitar your lugging... See me get more use out of the serial number or any other hobby really. So forth 5 on neck and bridge on this link ; http: // quality! And expensive guitar techs just bought a US-based string maker named Squier a Squire Tele that “.
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