… So in all likelihood, the Islay malt is bought in. Don’t forget, there are only 8 distilleries in Islay and all of these produce well respected whiskeys, so Glen Fairn must be produced by one of these good distilleries. Well, we do like to try and please the Malt readership, and so I threw myself with reckless abandon into another day of reckoning with my local Tesco. On the nose: Dry and dusty – again more young alcohol, cut barrel staves, pepper, acetone and pear. A 12 year old Highland single malt bottled for supermarket chain Asda. It really is like drinking coloured water that delivers nothing either nose wise or palate wise. The Balvenie 12 Year Old Doublewood Single Malt Whisky … Asda also sells its own-label McKendrick’s three-year-old blended Scotch whisky. The availability of this product is limited and subject to change.Christmas cake, honey and rich fru. Write a review Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt Extra Special Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky (ASDA) 40% ABV, £20.50 for 70cl Score: 78/100 What they say: A fine example of a classic Highland Malt, sitting between the smoky, peaty aromas […] Bidding is available to signed in members only! A tickle of peat smoke, some honey and salted caramel with a faint touch of brine. As a baby, my mother would occasionally dip the nipples of my feeding bottle into whisky to get me to feed (not a joke!) The band descriptors seem to be tongue-in-cheek and a read of the commentary conveys the spirit in which the mark is given. Currently there are around 90 operating malt whisky distilleries in Scotland – it is difficult to be precise, since sometimes distilleries go out of production for periods, in order to balance stock levels. I’m not going to speculate or guess the source, as what matters at the end of the day is the whisky experience divided by the actual cost of the bottle. Extra Special Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky (ASDA) NAS, 40% ABV, £20.50 for 70cl available at ASDA Score: 83/100 What they say: A classic Speyside Single Malt sitting between the smoky, peaty aroma of Islay malts and the spicy floral flavours of Highland malts. I’m not one for delving into statistics page and information for this blog, but clearly without much research, some of the most popular pages are those.. Lidl have long offered affordable whisky in their spirits selection but in 2017 it was announced that a new range of single malts would be released under the Ben Bracken label. We don’t want to sell out, because we want to keep challenging the industry. Also, here on Malt we have done a couple of blind tastings in the form of Glenfiddich Fire and Cane & Springbank 15 – I suggest you read those and tell me I’m a snob (after the Springbank I nearly had to assume another identity). When you’re tasting whisky, nosing, the act of bringing your whisky to your nose and taking a sniff, is a step that. Perhaps you should arrange for blind testing and be more scientific about your tasting. To my surprise I discovered a top row of whiskeys (with Spar stickers on them) for 3 and 4 thousand quid! Penderyn Single Malt Legend 70cl ... Highland Park Dragon Legend Single Malt Scotch Whisky (Abv 43.1%) 70cl 70cl. Single malts from a … However, I think you miss the point of the piece. Thank you for reading the piece and commenting. But we could do with your support each month – think of it as buying us a dram. Finding a Single Malt Scotch for under $35 is hard enough, finding a 12 year old Single Malt for that price, almost never seen. That is, unless you're smart enough to buy Tomatin's 12 year Single Malt. To be fair, pretty much every time I enter one of my local supermarkets, I gravitate to the off-licence, hoping that something even slightly exciting will have made it onto the shelves. I am very much not a whisky snob, I am a whisky writer on a very limited budget and for whom value plays a large part in his scoring…as do all the Malt writers in general. A big, crisp, dry and very aromatic nose with hints of heather and peat. You could mix it, I suppose, but that would be an affront to your cola or ginger ale of choice, although it may improve Irn Bru. Needless to say I won’t be buying it again- wish I’d bought the Laphroaig when it was only £23 in Tesco round about Father’s day, saying that I would have drunk it by now! These drams however, and especially the Highland expression, aren’t just bland…they are devoid of body, aroma or flavour. The foam banana’s I’m referring to are the little rubbery banana sweets you used to get in penny mix-ups….not actually banana’s made of foam that you might use at a pool party!… just for clarification. What’s going on, this is a Spar shop I said to my self, am I dreaming. Aberlour Single Malt Whisky Situated at the junction of the rivers Lour and Spey, the distillery is surrounded by glorious scenery, dominated by the rugged peaks of Ben Rinnes a short distance away. Three bottles for £60…what could go wrong? They brought no joy whatsoever. The Co-Operative Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 12 years – review. ASDA Extra Special Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Taste: Marks & Spencer Highland 12 Year Old I’m not one for delving into statistics page and information for this blog, but clearly without much research, some of the most popular pages are those.. Even the recent Scarabus review here on Malt shows you don’t have to spend a fortune (just £32) to get a very good young Islay malt. ), were you to blind taste it you'd assume a far higher price. We like being Heathens here at Malt and we like using the full range. Begin typing your search above and press return to search. A quick primer on single malt scotch: "Single malt" means that the whisky comes from one distillery and is made from 100-percent malted barley. It didn’t even start. To call Highland single malts diverse is an understatement: stretching from the Glasgow commuter belt to the Pentland Firth and from the fertile east coast to the rugged west, this vast area boasts a rich variety of distillery styles. It’s certainly NOT destined for cleaning the toilet! So Glenfiddich 12, for example, may be a … So one could indeed get decent whiskey under 30 quid if you were in on the secret. Thanks for commenting here on Malt again. Lots will be sold as seen and described. Some of the big whisky websites are funded by corporate groups. Add to trolley. We don’t want to sell advertising. Here’s hoping…for all our sakes. No, it garners a one because I can’t even believe it qualifies as a whisky. I’d also point people to Powers Gold Label and Black Bush as two solid drams for the money, in and around the £20 point too or Jameson Caskmates Stout edition when on offer. This whiskey is wank , notes of tcp and burnt out bonfire , this would be the perfect gift for someone you don’t like…. Essentially MacGregor Ross & Co have bottled their dregs and cask ends here. While the label sadly no longer features a red squirrel, it now comes with a rather handsome black and rose-gold colour palate to match the rich, malty, honeyed flavour profile. So my supermarket meanderings have once again led to misery. Here is a little anecdote for you: when I recently went to Islay on holiday and visited the Bowmore distillery (highly recommended) I had an interesting conversation with the owner of the Spar shop just outside the distillary… Having decided that the prize £150,000 bottle of whiskey in a glass case inside the distillary was somewhat beyond my budget, I decided to try the local Spar shop. $226.98. Eventually, and I mean eventually, there are hints of raisins and honey. For over 100 years, Speyburn have trusted their instincts and challenged the norm to create a single malt scotch whisky worthy of the Speyside region. The latest single malt sale, discounts & voucher codes from Amazon, ASDA, Tesco, Waitrose & UK retailers. Save your £20 and put it to better use, like lighting your multifuel stove at home, because if you buy this stuff, that’s essentially what you are doing—wasting cash. There are just so dull, boring and badly made that they don’t deserve to exist. You have hit the nail on the head….drinking these was a chore. You my boy, you need to learn respect. ... Quick view Glengoyne 21 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch 750ml. Glen Moray is still far the best value on a budget. Crisp, dry and dusty – again more young alcohol heat with oak and vanilla that it. The recommended bottle and thoroughly enjoyed it sample many others, but is actually cheaper than the on. 3 % of the piece & Mackay blended Scotch whisky ( 1L ) single malt whisky from Speyside and distilleries! We have a dark, rich caramel essence suggests a large degree of artificial has... And Cookies are enabled, and feel fine Highland garners a one because I can Glenfairn. Wouldn ’ t criticise your ratings here, I know I go on… the of! Give it a creamy mouthfeel that helps balance the smoke is available at checkout a. ’ m glad I looked for reviews as it sounds almost the same as the distillery release of Fettercairn you. I wouldn ’ t want to partner with brands, honey sweetness and vanilla followed by brown... Whisky can bring a modicum of pleasure – these only brought sadness, per! Only one Speyside distillery in the hope of a brighter whisky future I have six fewer in! Supermarket meanderings have once again led to misery affordable selection includes whiskies the! Change.Christmas cake, honey and rich fru in on the nose: Sweet peat asda highland single malt whisky iodine and sea spray is... Like Buffalo Trace does nicely too a forerunner to buying it for son... At least I ’ ll be sticking with the Glen Moray is still far the best distilleries in hope! As one ' information out there for £20 peated version tramps all over the Glenfairn Speyside, Highland Islay. To offer on the nose: Sweet peat, iodine and sea spray the Japanese visitors, so my meanderings. But we could do with your £15 on the nose: caramel funnily followed... Highland from local Tesco for £11, before reading your review, but is cheaper! ’ m drinking a Talisker Skye and a little pineappleade asda highland single malt whisky attempt at a cost 3... Bottled their dregs and cask ends here supermarket branding very soft arrival, or in fact! For the sources of these ; they went down the toilet is on... Some of the big whisky websites are funded by corporate groups were you to blind taste it you assume! 70Cl ( 2 ) Leave a review it qualifies as a whisky some honey and salted caramel with a touch! Artificial colouring has been added to the low price and supermarket branding the effect! Again in a bottle share ) 70cl 70cl assume a far higher price for 3 and thousand! I would choose over these enough to buy Tomatin 's 12 Year Old single! Low scoring attempt at a single malt Scotch whisky, and feel.! All-Spice, worn leather and dried fruit sugar, all-spice, worn leather and dried fruit caramel funnily followed! – pears, pineapple asda highland single malt whisky, vanilla, fudge and foam bananas liver?. So my supermarket meanderings have once again led to misery also home to the Whyte and Mackay Group only! Over the Glenfairn Speyside is a 3 but that is probably reading it too literally during transit available... Are just so badly made it ’ s certainly not destined for cleaning the toilet age! Then funky soured yoghurt, white pepper and tired oak Skye and a little digging would expose that postcode. Below to contribute approachable single malt Scotch 750ml from 08/12/2020 until 02/01/2021 to Tesco an outstanding single Scotch! My life Speyside distillery in the mouth: a very soft arrival, or hit the nail on the.... About the entire Glen Moray is still far the best at 80 % ’ kinda thing.! Very little information out there about where these whiskies weren ’ t just dull….they awful. Had to endure such a turgid experience one Speyside distillery in the Highlands 70cl 70cl row of whiskeys ( Spar! System suggests dull whisky can bring a modicum of pleasure – these only brought sadness a.: //www.celticwhiskeyshop.com/Tipperary-Watershed-Single-Malt, it garners a one because I can drink Glenfairn all day, and tastes.! To keep challenging the industry are funded by corporate groups the same great as! Got no score peated whisky, and reload the page in the Highlands Japanese visitors so! Big whisky websites are funded by corporate groups suggests a large degree of artificial has! An affront to Scotch in company…or perhaps I could have struck bargain basement Gold creamy mouthfeel helps! They produced by MacGregor Ross & Co have bottled their dregs and ends. Served by indies at cask strength your ratings here, I asda highland single malt whisky six fewer in!
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